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Bad Behavior From Big Bank Accounts: Heirs Committing Crimes

Heirs Committing Crimes
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Johnson & Johnson – Casey Johnson


This one is a mind-bender, especially because she wasn’t caught with drugs or driving drunk like a normal heir. She was arrested for grand theft. Jewelry, shoes, clothes, legal documents and even lingerie were the targets.



Heirs Committing Crimes

The day Hisham Talaat Moustafa was sentenced to death. (via

Dodge – John Francis Dodge


This one is a doozy. Apparently money can’t buy everything, especially when it comes to opiates! In the 80s, the car manufacturer heir was arrested for trafficking liquid morphine!


Chick-Fil-A – Seth Cathy


Cathy is clearly not a chicken, but he’s certainly an heir who has used his boldness to behave badly. He notably barricaded himself in a Waffle House restaurant bathroom in Atlanta and stripped naked. He also reportedly flooded and damaged the restroom and threatened cops after they broke in. They even had to mace him!


Hilton Hotels – Paris Hilton


Easily one of the most infamous bad-girl heirs, this socialite will forever be remembered as a sex tape star who was also arrested for cocaine possession. (But who among these circuits hasn’t been?) Her crime is mild to what follows below.


Heirs Committing Crimes


TMG Group – Hisham Talaat Moustafa


This Egyptian businessman and heir followed his father’s footsteps—well, most of them. Moustafa’s father didn’t pay $2 million to hire a hit man to murder Lebanese singer Susanne Tamim. Hisham did, however, and was convicted and sentenced to death in 2008! After an appeal and retrial, Hisham was sentenced to a reduced sentence in 2010: 15 years in prison.


Max Factor Cosmetics – Andrew Luster


Luster was sentenced to 50 years in prison and a $1 million fine for rape, sodomy and oral copulation. He would drug and film himself violating women, including teenagers. Police also found a myriad of drugs and illegal assault rifles in his home.