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Fashion Spotlight: High-End Celebrity Suits

Fashionable Celebrities
Posted: September 19, 2014 at 5:32 am   /   by   /   comments (0)


Celebrity Suits CostOf all the fashionable suit wearing men (and women) in entertainment, we had to feature Mr. “Suit and Tie” himself. Justin Timberlake is a fashion icon, a GQ favorite. He doesn’t opt for the super duper pricey, but he still rocks a style that is equally glam and understated. Don’t get us wrong. He wears couture. Justin’s suit closet is full of Gucci—Tom Ford designs specifically. Tom Ford suits vary in cost. They generally run anywhere from $1,100 to $3,000, and it isn’t hard to see JT sporting one.


There a two types of business styles: the tech billionaires wearing hoodies and the older traditional types. While the latter wear power suits, they’re often a bit too “old school.” The fashionable torch definitely goes to billionaire James Stunt. The young collector and investor has an absurdly stylish and quality suit collection, with the bulk of his pieces from infamous Savile Row in London. He loves H. Huntsman and Leonard Longsdail, bespoke suits which start at $5,000. He also has pieces from Italian designer Rubinacci, whose pieces start at $6,000.


Just when you thought this was going to be dominated by 30-somethings, you get a curve ball like this! Michael Bloomberg, billionaire and former mayor of New York, is friends with some of the top names in fashion. (He’s not shy about dropping names either.) But Bloomberg loves getting his custom suits from Martin Greenfield in Brooklyn, NY. What has been called a “dumpy factory” by some has tailored suits for Presidents like Obama and Clinton, so don’t be quick to drop the hipster word just yet. Greenfield won’t confirm the cost for Bloomberg’s suits, just that they’re above the $1,000 mark.