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The Life Elite’s Favorite Celebrity Thanksgiving Traditions

Celebrity Thanksgiving Traditions
Posted: November 21, 2014 at 7:58 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Last month, we ran an article covering billionaires James and Petra Stunt’s trip to the pumpkin patch in West Hollywood with their daughter. Features like that are always a treat, because going to the pumpkin patch is tradition that isn’t reserved for the elite. It doesn’t matter if your parents are billionaires or famous Hollywood stars. Unsurprisingly, Thanksgiving is no different! Here are The Life Elite’s top three favorite celebrity Thanksgiving traditions.

Celebrity Thanksgivings

Jessica Alba preps her holiday bird. (via Cash Warren’s Instagram.)

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert

These country royalty stars could easily get their meal catered, but they keep it real. They keep is so real that Oklahoma native Blake builds fires to smoke turkeys like any good country boy. “I have a smokehouse,” he said. “Not a smoker but a smokehouse. So I’m going to actually build a fire in the firebox, get it going. I’m going to stay awake until it turns to coals.” Blake has said he insists on smoking turkeys on Thanksgiving because it’s “old school.” Meanwhile, Miranda is in charge of making everything else. “I just want to be able to smoke some turkeys,” he said.


Jessica Alba and Cash Warren

In 2012, Cash posted a photo of his beautiful, famous wife prepping a turkey just like everybody else. This is one of our favorite Thanksgiving moments and proof that just because you have a little extra bucks in the bank or a familiar face, doesn’t mean you can’t get down and dirty in the kitchen. This is one of those moments when you wonder if “celebrities do this too.” The answer is yes: celebrities (who eat meat at least) stick their hands up turkey butts.


Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

Ellen could be called Ellen Generous. The famous entertainer isn’t new to going against the grain. And while she certainly isn’t the first celebrity vegan to speak out in defense of turkeys, she is one of our favorites. Here’s why: Ellen doesn’t condemn people who eat turkeys on Thanksgiving. There is no shaming on her watch, just support. She asks that people adopt a turkey instead of eating one every holiday. She makes her plea fun and special. He gorgeous wife Portia is also vegan. Needless to say, the only turkey at their home on Thanksgiving will be on the TV.