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Highest-Paid DJs: The Reign of Calvin Harris

Highest Paid DJs
Posted: August 29, 2015 at 3:58 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

This year’s highest-paid DJs are out, but the list almost seems inconsequential. Reigning leader Calvin Harris earned nearly twice as much as the number two slot (David Guetta) with a remarkable $66 million. He didn’t tour a lot last year but his catalogue of hits and subsequent royalties from clubs and festivals has secured his ranking as the leader in electronic dance music. Harris also has a few luxury brand endorsements, such as Armani.

Despite the Scottish DJ’s successes, one fact has trumped all others lately: His blossoming relationship with Taylor Swift. Swift is everybody’s favorite pop star as of late. She is the powerful woman who made Apple take a knee and pay artists their fair shares. She has also rotated a host of famous surprise guests at her 1989 shows lately. Forbes even says the pair is  the second most powerful couple in music next to Jay Z and Beyonce. With PDA, matching clothes and even public professions of love, it seems the Swift-Harris empire may grow even more in the coming year.

Here are the top ten highest-paid DJs, in case you missed it. (Or top eight if you prefer. There were two ties!)


1. Calvin Harris – $66 million

2. David Guetta – $37 million

3. Tiësto – $36 million

4. Skrillex – $24 million

5. Steve Aoki – $24 million

6. Avicii – $19 million

7. Kaskade – $18 million

8. Martin Garrix – $17 million

9. Zedd – $17 million

10. Afrojack – $16 million