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The Elite Life of Justin Bieber Gets Roasted

Justin Bieber Roast Comedy Central
Posted: March 31, 2015 at 6:58 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

There are few things more elite than being roasted on television. Justin Bieber turned 21 years old this month and had one birthday request: “roast me.” He may be worth more than 200 million dollars, but the singer’s antics are easy targets, making the roast a bold choice—even if critics question the authenticity of his motivations.

Although some folks complained on Twitter that Comedy Central’s Justin Bieber roast focussed on the panel more than Bieber, most people deemed it one of the best roasts yet. Even adults who would consider themselves the opposite of “Beliebers” flooded social media with stamps of approval.

The night was a centerpiece of raw, politically incorrect comedy that starts at the bottom of the stomach and works its way out as uncontrollable gasping. In defense of some of the complaints, it’s true that the highlights of the night weren’t even aimed at Justin, but they were hilarious just the same.

Kevin Hart’s small size and Shaq’s big size were easy targets, with Snoop Dogg’s affection for smoking and Martha Stewart’s illegal past and age close seconds. When the panel did roast Justin, they talked about his murky legal troubles, feminine looks and failed attempts at trying to be “gangster.”

Like many other roasts, some of the jokes fell flat, undoubtedly because they belabored the obvious bargaining chips (race and sexuality). Bieber’s favorite comedian Chris D’Elia was the poorest received roaster of the night, as he made jokes about everything from rape to Isis. The room seemed noticeably uncomfortable, prompting Kevin Hart to lighten the moment by making fun of how dark his jokes were.

The question popping up everywhere today is whether or not the generally well-received roast was enough to put Bieber back in the public’s good graces or too obvious a publicity stunt. The night concluded with a heartfelt, albeit scripted apology for how he’s behaved. (Watch his speech below.) For many, it was enough. Others are curious to see how long it sticks.