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Katy Perry to Pay Nothing for Super Bowl Halftime Show

Super Bowl Katy Perry Halftime Show
Posted: January 31, 2015 at 5:51 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

With great power comes great responsibility. You don’t have to be Spider Man for this to be true either. The National Football League knows this all-too well! The Wall Street Journal reported that the NFL wanted to capitalize on the power of the Super Bowl by asking halftime show artists to pay to play (or at least negotiate terms to pay for their halftime show production, which would cost millions of dollars).

When the news leaked, many people reacted coldly, some calling the NFL greedy. Others, such as San Diego State sports business professor and President of SportRx Daniel Burton, saw it as a potentially disastrous business play. “Yes, 100-plus million people tune in worldwide, but many could care less about the game,” he said. “A large percentage of those watching want to see the commercials and a great halftime show. If the halftime show doesn’t deliver, those viewers will tune out. If viewership goes down, then the prices charged for advertising will also decrease.”

Whether or not you believe the NFL has the right to charge artists to perform at Super Bowl, one thing is undeniable: The halftime show is a BIG deal. The Super Bowl has become a national, and even international, tradition. Once something becomes tradition, it becomes a part of our collective memories. It is so much more than entertainment. It’s a time to share laughs, food and good times with loved ones.

About 112 million people worldwide are expected to watch the game this year. That’s a whole lot of people. That’s a bigger audience than music artists get in entire tours. It should be no surprise that 30 second commercial slots cost $4.5 million this year or that the NFL thought it could pull off a pay-to-play halftime stunt.

Katy Perry will be the halftime show headliner this year, but she told ESPN last year that she “wasn’t the type of girl to pay to play the Super Bowl.” Looks like they heard her roar. According to Forbes, she will not be paying the NFL a cent. She will receive no pay for her performance similar to previous performers Bruno Mars and Beyonce. That means while the NFL doesn’t have to pay Perry, they are still responsible for the multimillion dollar production of her show. Guess we’ll see how it turns out.