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A Look at the Most Expensive Super Bowl Commercials and 2015 Predictions

Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial
Posted: September 9, 2014 at 2:07 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Football is back! That can only mean one thing: Super Bowl commercials will be here in a few months! (Oh yeah, and there’s that whole football game part, too.) In honor of the first kick offs of the season, here is a look at the most expensive Super Bowl commercials of all time and cost predictions for 2015.

Britney Spears Pepsi Super Bowl CommercialHistorically, Super Bowl ads are dominated by two things: soda and cars. The only time those industries are outdone is when the E-Trade baby decides to grace the world with his presence. This year, Super Bowl ad slots averaged $4 million for 30 seconds. That is insane. That cost does not include production or the laundry lists of celebrity cameos either.

Here is the breakdown of averages (in millions) for 30 seconds over the last five years:

2014: $4.0

2013: $3.8

2012: $3.5

2011: $3.1

2010: $2.9

If these averages continue as they have been, we’re looking at about a $4.3 million average in 2015! What’s more surprising is one of the most expensive Super Bowl commercials of all time—if not the most expensive—actually occurred in 2011.

Given the financial difficulties of the American car industry in recent years and the economic state of Detroit itself, it may surprise you that the 2011 “Imported from Detroit” commercial featuring Eminem reigns with a whopping $12.4 million price tag. If the same commercial aired in 2014, it would’ve cost about $16.4 million. It is, after all, more than two minutes long! (Watch the commercial below.)

Of course, Pepsi and Coke have dueled it out constantly with their commercials. Pepsi in particular has a long history of wowing Super Bowl viewers with big names from Britney Spears (in her prime) to the legendary Ray Charles singing for the camera.

Do the oh-so-expensive commercials work? Who knows, but we sure do love them! Perhaps the best part of Super Bowl commercials is their ability to unite football lovers and the “Is the game over yet?” Americans alike, making every party worth dropping in for a slice of pizza or one of those giant sub sandwiches.