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Most Liked Tech CEO

Posted: April 20, 2014 at 4:29 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner

JeffWeinerJeff Weiner, CEO of the world’s biggest and most powerful professional network LinkedIn, joined the company in December 2008. Under his leadership, LinkedIn has expanded its global platform to the 19 languages and 26 offices worldwide. Its membership has grown from a trifling 33 million to more than 225 million, and its revenue has increased more than tenfold to $972 million in 2012.

Not only did Jeff bring sterling credentials with him – he previously served as exec VP of Yahoo!’s Network Division – he also, it seems, brought something even more valuable: likeability.

Career site Glassdoor currently rates the CEOs of medium and large companies according to their employee feedback and produces a top 50 list of most liked CEOs.  Guess who came in at number 1 for 2014, making him not only the most liked tech CEO, but also the most liked CEO of the year period? Good old Jeff Weiner, of course.

So what is it about Weiner that makes him such a likeable boss? What does this most liked tech CEO do that others don’t? Famously, he schedules periods of silence each day—hours and half hours between the meetings and conferences, the interviews and other endless distractions – to give him space to think. There are those who might call it downtime, but whatever we term it, when was the last time anyone had permission to build it into their working day?

We need our brains to stay alert on company time. A clear head can mean the difference between saying yes to the next idea that could set the world aflame and saying no to that extra five hours of work we know we can never do. Perhaps it is Weiner’s very recognition of the need to quietly recharge that is currently placing him at the top of the executive love list.

Find out why the CEO of the professional social network Linkedin, Jeff Weiner, is considered one of the most liked Tech CEOs.