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Presidential Candidates’ Net Worths Pack a Punch

Presidential Candidates' Net Worths
Posted: October 11, 2015 at 5:20 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

There has been a lot of talk about money lately in politics, and we’re not talking about the national budget! GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s massive wealth ($4.5 billion) has triggered a strong interest in the wealth of presidential candidates.

To make matters even more enticing: Trump continues to lie about his net worth on the campaign trail, a fact that leading publications on wealth like Forbes have continued to refute. But Trump aside, what do the net worths of the other candidates look like? Are the presidential candidates a representation of Americans? Not-so-much suggests the current research—at least not when it comes to their bank accounts.

None of them are the leader of the free world yet, but most of them are already living The Life Elite. In fact, the bulk of candidates are millionaires. Only three aren’t a part of the millionaire’s club: Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley and Marco Rubio. Sanders is still well above national averages, with a comfortable $700,000. Rubio is known for his spending problems. He likes luxurious things, but forgets how pricey they are. His debts have left him at $100,000. Finally, there is former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley. He has an estimated net worth of $0, a number many Americans can relate to! Why the low estimate? O’Malley is sending four kids to college.

The full list is below.


1. Donald Trump

$4.5 billion


2. Carly Fiorina

$58 million


3. Hillary Clinton

$45 million


4. Lincoln Chafee

$32 million


5. Ben Carson

$26 million


6. Jeb Bush

$22 million


7. George Pataki

$13 million


8. John Kasich

$10 million+


9. Mike Huckabee

$9 million


10. Jim Gilmore

$7 million


11. Jim Webb

$6 million


12. Bobby Jindal

$5 million


13. Ted Cruz

$3.5 million


14. Chris Christie

$3 million


15. Rand Paul

$2 million


16. Rick Santorum

$2 million


17. Lindsey Graham

$1 million


18. Bernie Sanders



19. Marco Rubio



20. Martin O’Malley