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The Hobbies of Four Tech Executives

Posted: April 23, 2014 at 4:42 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

You’ve founded or run a tech company. What do you do for fun? From the extraordinary to the horrifying, The Life Elite takes a glimpse.

huntingBob Parsons – GoDaddy CEO

In 2011, Bob Parsons endured some bad press for posting a video of himself shooting an elephant. Whether or not hunting is a regular hobby for Parsons remains unclear, but he has posted other videos over the years, including leopard hunting.


nickganjuNick Ganju – ZocDoc Co-Founder

Nick Ganju enjoys playing music in public places in New York City. Reportedly, he occasionally gets mistaken for a panhandler! It doesn’t sway him one bit. He keeps on strumming his guitar.


joustingSandy Lerner – Cisco Systems Co-Founder

Sandy Lerner lives in the past—in the coolest way possible. Lerner is a jousting fan, self-taught in Colonial farming and makes period ball gowns. She’s so into her flashback to the past hobbies, she hosts traditional events in her ballroom and serves period-appropriate menus.


Larry EllisonLarry Ellison – Oracle CEO

Larry Ellison likes sail boats—a lot. He’s invested time and money in America’s Cup, and his team has even won.


We’ve all got hobbies, but if you garnered international success from running or creating a tech company, yours would probably become extremely interesting. Find out what four notable tech executives do in their spare time.