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Three of Punk Rock’s Richest Musicians

Posted: April 20, 2014 at 8:08 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Punk rock rebel youths form bands and become incredibly wealthy. Seems like a myth, but living The Life Elite is real for some of the biggest names in the biz. Who has the most money? The answer may surprise you.

Travis (1)

1) Travis Barker – Estimated Net Worth: $85 million

Drummers don’t normally have the biggest bank account in the band, unless you’re Travis Barker. He’s the wealthiest member of Blink 182 by a long shot, in part due to his involvement in other successful ventures, such as The Transplantz and clothing line Famous Stars and Straps. Oddly enough, the other four punk rockers on this list are singing guitarists (and Barker is richer than all of them).


DexterHolland2009 (1)

2) Dexter Holland – Estimated Net Worth: $65 million

Offspring front man Dexter Holland has his share of scratch. He is the rhythm guitarist, songwriter and singer of the band. Holland is also the owner of Nitro Records as well as a hot sauce brand called Gringo Bandito.



BillyJoe (1)

3) Billy Joe Armstrong – Estimated Net Worth: $55 million

Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day is not an American Idiot. Although he’s not the richest punker, he’s certainly one of the most well known these days. Green Day’s 2004 album has a wildly successful Broadway musical counterpart of the same name. It’s even received two Tony awards and is currently being adapted for film. Armstrong also owns label Adeline Records with his wife.

Although a punk musician may not be first thought of for their economic successes, these three musicians should be. Find out who the top three richest punk rock musicians are here.