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Who Are the Richest Men in Los Angeles?

Richest Los Angeles Men
Posted: August 5, 2014 at 7:05 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The Los Angeles area is no stranger to The Life Elite. Lifestyles of the rich and famous are often born in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. But who among LA’s elite men top the list of glitz in 2014? Their net worths all crack $5 billion. Can you name all seven? The results may surprise you.


#7 Do Won Chang


Chang is half of the dRichest Men Los Angelesynamic duo behind the fashion powerhouse Forever 21. Of course, the other half is his wife Jin Sook!


They are enjoying life with a net worth of about $5 billion.



#6 Sumner Redstone


Sumner Redstone

Redstone is the chairman of media giant Viacom, which is parent company to MTV, among other studios. His family also owns the CBS Corporation.


The media magnate totals out at the tune of about $5.8 billion. 



#5 Elon Musk



Musk has climbed to the top only recently. A leader in alternative energy products, the Tesla Motors chairman’s wealth comes from soaring electric car and solar panel stocks.


The alternative energy stock star is worth about $6.7 billion. 






#4 David Geffen


David Geffen


Media wouldn’t be the same without Geffen, the founder of Geffen Records and co-founder of Dreamworks entertainment. What has he been given for his contributions to entertainment?


The Malibu dweller has a net worth of about $6 billion.





#3 James Stunt


James Stunt

Stunt is a fairly recent Angeleno. Hailing from England, the gaming and mining tycoon currently resides in the most expensive home in Los Angeles—the former Spelling manor. He’s also an avid art, wine and car collector.


James Stunt’s net worth is about $6 billion. 





#2 Eli Broad


Eli Broad



Broad is known for smart investments. He most notably sold Sun Life Insurance to AIG for $18 billion. His dealings have put him on the map, and then he took it to another level.


The 81 year old’s net worth is about $6.9 billion. 






#1 Patrick Soon-Shiong

(Pictured at top.)

The pharmaceutical power and Nantworks founder has given his life to medicine and it has certainly come back to him. He also owns a minor stake in the Los Angeles Lakers.


The former surgeon’s net worth is around $9 billion.